At Twin Palms, the winemaking process preserves the connection between the flavors of fruit in the vineyard and wine in the bottle. Our Chardonnay seeks to achieve the style of a French Meursault while our Syrah aspires to a Rhone Valley character.  To achieve this vision, Twin Palms has assembled a team of well known Napa Valley wine professionals.  Steve Matthiasson serves as a viticulturalist, and Christopher Vandendriessche of White Rock Winery is the winemaker.


The Twin Palms Vineyard is located approximately three miles south of Yountville on the west side of the Napa Valley.  The fertile soil and temperate microclimate provide ideal growing conditions for Chardonnay and Syrah.  The Twin Palms property is hand farmed without irrigation and without the use of pesticides.  Fruit is aggressively pruned to concentrate flavors and yields are typically 2 tons per acre.  Total production is approximately 3,000 bottles per year.


The stable, temperate climate of Napa Valley enables Twin Palms to produce wines which have a consistent character across vintages. Each wine is aged before bottling and delivered only when suitable for immediate consumption. We hope that you will enjoy drinking these wines as much as we have enjoyed producing them.